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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 17, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PST

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hay everybody, i'm beth troutman, it's a whole new week for sharing videos, so let's get started. >> a kite border has to make an evasive move over -- >> a humpback whale. >> a man pulls a gun on a motel manager, and watch what happens, how a manager dodged a bull by a stroke of luck. >> other drivers are admiring a fancy car on the road, how what looked like a sure fire crash looks like a sudden turn. and see the magic moment when a hiker runs into one friendly deer. >> she's like let's get to know
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each other -- >> part of the fun of kite boarding is being out in nature, being on the open water, and seeing things that maybe you don't expect, like this -- that is a kite border that is stuck in shallow water. you can see it in the distance, briefly, and you see reuben pull the ropes and jump up over him, he circles back around. >> you can tell something is up, because they come up to the surface, but they don't stay up there that long. i needed to know what happened
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to this wheal, so joining us is reuben from the netherlands. >> it was a pretty weird moment, we were having a photo shoot on the beach. we saw a wheal swim, and it was awesome, and then it staying in one spot for awhile. i came close to it, and i bumped over him, and he was pretty stuck in there, so we went back to the beach, and they tried to rescue the poor animal. they did several attempts, but it was without success. >> so what happened? >> they left it there, and it's
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still alive, and they're moping for a high tide to come up, soon, and strong winds. the percentage of survival is pretty small. >> just because it's such a big animal? >> yes, i want to thank everybody that helped us. have a good one guys. >> bye. the next video might be a little tough to watch, it will give you a good feeling of humanity. we're looking at a motorcyclist after a wreck, and he is pinned to the ground, and on fire. when you see strangers rushing to the aid of this guy, they
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rush to get the bike off of the guy, and the big thing on him is the grill from the truck. the accident involved a truck, a motorcycle -- >> any idea of the extent of his injuries? >> they were able to put out of the fire. he was air lifted and treated for severe burns. he was treated for severe burns. one of the people that helped was the driver of the truck involved in the hospital, and the woman in the car was also treated for burns. >> you basically saw like a car that exploded, a truck with it's grill out, and a motor bike wrecked beyo recognition. s peo come in, that guy is centimeters
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from the flames. >> it was just seconds before people rushed to his aid. it makes you feel good people are willing to do that. this man you see right here is identified at mark melser by albuquerque police. >> turns out he wanted to get in one of the rooms, he said he lived here and want today get his stuff out. there he is in the lobby, and thompson comes in the room. >> i pulled his arm out thinking he had stolen something, and there was a gun in his hand. >> there's a repairman, and his wife, and he is pointing it at all of them. >> he seems not quite right. >> so they went to his apartment. he followed us, went into the
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room, pointed the gun at my chest and pulled the drugger. then they called the police. he hung around for a little while, fired a gun at a gas tank, police followed him, spun him around with a police vehicle, and he took his own liech. >> how lucky for those people that the gun misfired when it did. >> it was just absolute surprise. everything kind of happened to quickly, that you didn't really have a chance to think about it or absorb it. it was definitely my lucky day. >> so there is a fanty car, but you hear the eye driving is really revving the engine on
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this wet road, and then -- >> oh, boy -- >> he missed it, he goes off the road, and starts heading toward an overpass, barely misses it -- >> the cars are not designed to handle on slick roads like that. >> i don't think he did anything wrong, he just hydroplained a little bit. >> yeah, i think it was just the wheel spent -- >> it looked like he went through a giant puddle, too. >> i got that on video, man -- >> he gets out of his car, i'm sure, devastated. >> he's pry glad he didn't wrap it around that concrete pillar. >> a man follows a woman into a
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parking garage, and he walks up to her window and attacks. >> see why he messed with the wrong gal. >> a keyboard for the clumsy. >> you can literally watch it. >> and a gift perfect for tech savy parents. all the gifts you want, next.
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welcome back to the show, everybody. you can see today's videos and more all day long. >> look at that vehicle. it had been following this woman. he walks up to her car window, and attacks. >> he was immediately in my
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face. >> but she told wfc tv that she put up a fight. >> i knocked up -- i knocked my rearview mirror off of my window. she pushes him on the ground, and she chases him. >> i know that's what you're not supposed to do, but i was made, so i ran after him. >> he did get away with her things, and she says you have to have a remote to get in and out of the garage. >> the reality is it was perfect timing for him, terrible mes for me. >> he's driving a bmw,s he need to steal stuff? >> police say they do have his license plate, but they have a
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good idea of this guy is, they just want to find out where he is. >> that's scary, a parking garage that can be scary. fortunately these cameras were there, i hope the police get this guy. >> it's not so much me getting anything back, it's more preventing it from happening again. >> steven, we have such a huge response over our tech guru zach's gift ideas, we have to bring him back. >> he is santa's little tech help. >> hey, zach. >> you have not one, not two, but three tech ideas for us. >> first is the logitech
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washable keyboard. >> i love this, you have no idea so gross, and disgusting, i love this. >> that's a great gift. >> keep my fingers crossed for that one. >> and you have one for moms and dads? >> yes, it's a child seat that moves like a parent would. and it integrated sound and visual moves. >> but we will say nothing will replace mom or dad. >> that's true. >> what is this called? >> it's a metal, and the melting point is at 86 degrees, so when you put @ in your hand, it turns
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into a liquid. >> you can find it on amazon, it's relatively cheap. be careful handling it, can t can cause skin irritation. >> a video of the dad having the talk with his 2-year-old. >> see who wins, next "right this minute." a christmas song gets a not so special twist. >> they took pretty much anything and everything. >> they're telling the story behind their son, next. >> and, one man's trash is another man's break from work. >> the sanitation work getting down on a foosball table. >> it gets one last go. [ game announcer ] touchdown! and here comes the dunk.
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for 20 of your favorite chicken mcnuggets. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] more ways to love mcnuggets. ♪ here we go for the monday edition, and we're here with a bonus video on our website. >> this one is pretty darn cool. the folks at periodic videos used a dub step beat using only chemistry reactions that happen in a lab. >> to see this video, just go to
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our website, and check on "best of rtm." >> i have to say, i have terrible news. >> the grinch has struck again. and this couple made a little sound about the grinch. >> this song goes out to the special individual who broke out our back window and steal our music equipment. ♪ >> they also took their cds, they took abox of they took anything and everything. we have the husband and wife duo from you knew me when joining us to talk about this unfortunate
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incident. first off, any leads on who did this? >> unfortunately we don't. the police were not able to track anything down. >> how far has this set you back? >> probably about $3,000 worth of musical equipment. >> did they leave anything behind? >> well, that's the funny things with is we were smart enough to bring some of our bigger items into the hotel room, something shiny may have caught his eye, and people would breakthrough the back window and find those items. >> did you hope they would is your honor themselves in? >> i think it was just to help cope. >> what's the most unique thing they stole? >> pry my ukulele.
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>> does it have any other sent mental value to you? >> i wrote some of our first pieces on it and it inspired me to start a ukulele program in our school. >> if any of our viewers can help, tell us where this happened and what we should look for. >> just outside of atlanta, georgia. in the decatur area. so if there are local pawnshops or music sfoers, that would be our guess what it would end up. >> we're hoping you can recover some of your stuff. >> we appreciate it, thank you. somebody went to go check their trail camera, and made a brand new friend. so this guy is on a trail, and this young deer doesn't just walk up to him, watch what it does next.
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>> can you not smell me? can you not -- >> she can't smell him, but she can taste him -- >> so friendly. >> and it's not one, it's like let's get to know each other. >> okay, i have to get going. >> when he says that, the deer is like -- already? >> you're going to walk away? >> this deer is very friendly, or very niaive. >> deer love salt licks. >> that's nature for you. >> these guys are strapping on their water skis, and heading down a line into lake powell. >> see the zipline catap
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safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life. on a scale of one to ten, how safe is that? >> not quite three. >> if you're going to play with fire, you might as well do it in slo-mo. here, they take a pan full of a flammable liquid, and then they
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kick it. >> you see the liquid spray up into the air, and the droplets catch fire, and when the pan hits the ground, they come down and light the grass on fire. >> when it first goes up, it's almost like a big ball of fire, and then a rain of fire. >> you put something in slo-mo, it's just so much cooler. >> i have to say, it's a sad day for all of us dudes when our wife or girlfriend tells us it's time for you to throw out that foosball tae. in this vidfoosball table gets one last play. you see here, the sanitation worker getting down on a foosball table that is in the trash.
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we think this is in northern illinois. >> what are you supposed to do. you can't just dump it, you have to give it one last game. >> and i don't mind the fact that these are public employees doing this on our time, because you know what, the town looks pretty clean, they need something to do. >> this is a good day at work. playing foosball on the clock. >> and they're super into it. one guy scores a goal, the other guy is mad, and it's a little rickety, but it got one last final go around. >> i love this, it's an awesome video. >> are you ready to feel like your lives just aren't cool enough? >> please. >> we have another awesome video from devin supertramp.
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these guys are hooking on some skis, and they're headed down a zip line into lake powell. >> i have never seen that done before. >> they're going like one right after the other. it's called a zip line catapult. >> where is the other end of the zip line? >> when the first person releases, it catapults that second person into the air, but we have cliff diving, parachutes -- >> he parachuted right on to that yacht. >> to hang out with them, i think you to be a little insane. >> no, i think you just be willing to have a lot of fun, everything shot looks like a
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total blast, so call me. >> it's a good looking video, and in true supertramp style, there's a behind the scenes as well. >> that will do it for us here at rtm, we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. have a great rest of your day. ♪


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